Friday, March 1, 2013

My finger is cracked, but I'm going to blog anyway!

--- 1 ---
I can't type well, but I'm blogging anyway! Its only a cracked finger.. the tip of my index finger is fissured from underneath my fingernail to the very top.  Quite inconvenient, but alas, the dry skin/eczema hath affected my pointer finger.  Isn't some form of torture cutting in between the fingernail and the finger flesh?  Yeah, ouch.  
--- 2 ---
Was Lent supposed to be this fun?  One of the Lenten things I decided to do to enrich my faith was to start reading the bible (at least 1 chapter per day).  The last time I did that was maybe over 10 years ago and I think I got as far as 2 Kings.  Started in Genesis again, and boy I cannot put this down!  I must have glossed over all the crazy drama things that happened!  (i.e. Rachel sitting on top of her father's idols and saying she was menstruating...  Simeon and Levi tricking everyone to circumcise and then killing everyone while they were sore.. Reuben's...indiscretions)  Wow!  God really uses imperfect people, eh?   I also borrowed my friend's Navarre Pentateuch (RSV-CE with great Catholic commentary) to help me with some of the reading.  I breezed through 20-ish chapters of Genesis yesterday.

--- 3 ---
I haven't gone grocery shopping in a week!  The world didn't end.  I've been using up all pantry items! ... like no more onion, ginger, tomatoes, carrots.. you know - common things that go into food.  But i've been forced to expand my recipe repertoire (italian stuffed cabbage! YUM!) In the time I would have used going to multiple stores in the week, I have been decluttering all the piles of paper we have in the house.  I think grocery-shopping is more fun :)

--- 4 ---
..Because I threw out my back during mass!  OOOOOPS!  bent at the waist to pick up the toddler (like a 25 lbs rice bag) and I felt a jolt through my back and I nearly blacked-out!!!!

--- 5 ---
I totally thought Argo was a Sci-Fi comedy from the 2-3 minutes of an interview I caught of Alan Arkin and John Goodman on the VOD previews.  OOPS!  It was a great film though - scary circumstances.  I'm kind of surprised Hollywood made it - Ben Affleck of all people!

--- 6 ---
Weaning is hard - when your child has that Puss-In-Boots face to ask for milk, and then throws her head back and laughs when she gets it.. or if you don't give it to her, she screams and writhes in agony like you left her in a cardboard box at the police station to be picked up.  .... the drama.

--- 7 ---
Lastly.. on veiling!  - I don't think I really thought about this until I happened upon some traditional blogs online - and they were a little extreme.  To be honest, I never really think much about the people who veil at mass unless they didn't veil before - and the thoughts that I do have are something like "wow, her head looks big!" - bad I know.  I should be paying attention at mass :(  But I do admit the change can definitely mess with my attention!

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