Friday, November 9, 2012

I don't think women can have it all either....

Interesting read - a BigLaw attorney left her job and wrote a departure memo detailing her daily hectic life and how she cannot excel and please both her family and her boss.  Perhaps I should have written a similar e-mail! (I didn't write anything)

Here was my day routine (this was true even when child was 12 months old):
5:30 AM - wake up, get bottles ready, pack pump, get dressed
6:00 AM - head out the door, commute to work, get coffee on the go.  Eat in the car.
6:45 AM - start my day
7:00 AM - Hear about my patients for the day
7:30 AM - go back to my computer to read progress notes from overnight/review vital signs/lab results and/or see the patients who are sick first
8:15 AM - random emergency of either a true patient emergency or an angry patient's parent demanding to be seen, or a random hospital staff person wanting to chat about the plan for the day before I have seen all my patients.
9:00 AM - hopefully have started seeing patients by then.
9:30 AM - pump
(If I have students or results, start rounds at 9:45 AM and end by 11:00 AM)
Then the day really depends on how busy the hospital is, how many emergencies there are.  On a good day I can get lunch at 11:00AM.  On a bad day, I have to squeeze lunch in at some point.. hopefully by 2:00 PM
11:30 AM - eat lunch, call consultants while eating, write my daily notes
Between 12:30PM and 4:00 PM its either following up on the crazy stuff in the morning, seeing new patients in the emergency room, or kicking back and relaxing (VERY RARE - maybe in the summer when nobody is sick)
1:30 PM - pump
5:00 PM - tell the night shift about my patients for the day
5:45 PM - drive back home
6:30 PM - either get food or quickly cook food/ nurse baby
7:30 PM - dinner, feed baby
8:30 PM - bathtime/put baby to bed,  husband cleans all the pump parts and old bottles
9:30 PM - get my progress notes done (most of the time I have no time to start notes at work)
11:00PM - shower, prep next day's milk and food, get to bed.
1:30 AM - wake up nurse baby
3:00 AM - wake up nurse baby
4:00 AM - wake up nurse baby

Night Routine:
4:00 PM - drive to work
5:00PM - hear about patients
- either see a patient nearly every hour.. or wait around.. and the patients start coming in at 1:00 AM after I've decided its not worth staying up to see if patients come
7:00 PM - dinner/pump
1:00 AM - pump
6:00 AM - pump
7:00AM - tell morning person about patients
8:30 AM - get home, chug coffee
- take care of baby, etc, pray she naps.
11:30 AM - start nap with baby
2-3:00 PM - wake up, realize baby has been playing by herself for a while while trapped in room with lethargic mommy
[then prep dinner... or prep for another night of work]

I think my very worst set of work days was when I worked Saturday and Sunday night back to back.  I went to mass Sunday morning after a Saturday night shift.  I think I maybe got 2-3 hours of sleep within 48 hours.  Needless to say, I did not feel very good.

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