Thursday, November 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes - the Third!

--- 1 ---
WHAT is in the sand volleyball pit at the park?  I went to the park today and have been almost continually itching all over since then.  My toddler decided to go-to-town in the sand volleyball pit (woohoo I don't need to build a sensory table anymore!) and then smeared sand all over herself and ate some too.  Somehow (of course) it got smeared all over me!  Even after a thorough wash, I'm still itching all over!.  Please please please no lice or scabies! PLEASE!  And I really hope the toddler doesn't get some intestinal parasite.
--- 2 ---
Books ADD - seriously, what is my problem?  I made some progress reading Pride & Prejudice (I even got to the scenes when Mr Collins appears) but then I saw a new book in my husbands convention bag that he got for free so I had to read that too, and also my new book, Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum came in the mail, so I started reading that too.  Did I mention I also found this and this to read as well?  If only all the pages I read added up to one whole book.  Le sigh....
--- 3 ---
Spooked by Halloween -took my kid to toddler storytime at the library on Halloween.  They did a cute puppet show where a witch can't pick the pumpkin out of the patch.. and then a ghost and a vampire show up.. and I don't know how it ends because when the ghost and vampire made their appearance, the child turned into a screaming banshee and I had to run out of there!  Smart girl - run away from occult-looking stuff!
--- 4 ---
Pants-vs-Skirts -Recently discovered the "controversy" of whether women wearing skirts is better than pants.  Just so you know - I think either is fine and either can be modest or immodest.  One thing skirts-only folks like to point out is that one can do anything in the right kind of skirt.  Here's my challenge question:  how do you teach your child how to hop like a frog in a skirt?!

--- 5 ---
Blogosphere - I'm really enjoying reading all the blogs out there.  10 years ago I was on Xanga exclusively, and it was just all us college buddies reading each others thoughts and rants..  Seems like there's so much more out there, and reading all these great blogs makes me want to be a better person! :)  I look forward to reading all my RSS feeds every time I have to put the tot down for sleepy-time!

--- 6 ---
Coffee:  God's Gift to Mothers (and everyone else) - coffee is awesome.  it elevates my mood, helps my alertness, makes me smarter..  heck, it even raises the dead. (ha ha ha.)  My friend discovered a Christian company that makes coffee!  I guess thats two alternatives to Starbucks that I know of:  Mystic Monk and His Coffee Co.

--- 7 ---
Organization FAIL - 2 months ago I enthusiastically tried to start a control journal via FlyLady..  I almost went to buy a nice expensive pretty binder to fit everything in but I told myself, "No no, not until you have a REAL journal, otherwise it will be just another binder sitting under the table."  I know myself well.  My "Control Journal" is now a felt board "organizer" for the toddler.  Oops. :(

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  1. Sand fleas?? Ugh, how awful, this is why I tell the kids 'no sandbox in the backyard!' Maybe you can invoke Moses's intercession for the plague to pass quickly ;)

    I don't get the skirt thing, either. I'm just not a skirt person. I wear them to church, but the constant yanking, readjusting, etc...I'm just not good at it when chasing around my littles! Jeans with a belt please! Maybe I'm not wearing the right skirt, but I don't feel like buying a bunch of others, either, when I have perfectly modest stuff in my closet already.

    The closest I've gotten to Fly Lady organizing is reading a post and thinking "oh, that sounds so easy!" And then the dishes are still piled high three days later...