Friday, November 9, 2012

7 Quick Takes - the Fourth!

--- 1 ---
I LOVE Daylight Savings! - Umm never ever thought I would say that, as I had frequently been on the end of working an extra hour on night shift.  But it works great with kids!  I'm so glad my toddler can't tell time - now she wakes up earlier and goes to bed earlier :).
--- 2 ---
Overcoming inertia for daily mass - it had always been something that I had thought about doing.  In college, I lived right next to the Catholic church.. but somehow  I never quite had the motivation to make it a regular thing.  Since daylights savings, I've had no excuse!  I drop someone off for public transportation in the morning, and its right next to the church at the time I drop them off!  My tot and I made it to mass 4 times this week!  Its an awesome way to start off the day!
--- 3 ---
Another Catholic blogosphere controversy - another one besides skirts/pants - I had no idea that blessing children in the communion line was a controversy.  I first took note of it when we went to a church on Tuesday and the priest gave me a really weird look when we went up for communion.. (I guess I was holding the toddler up next to my face haha).  After reading about it, I guess I'm okay with the priest either giving/not giving a blessing.. but it seems like kind of a weird thing to get in a hussy over.. there's much bigger fish to fry..
--- 4 ---
Not a fan of extreme conservatism - so prior to discovering all these conservative/traditional blogs, I had really only been exposed to thinking that was liberal, left-leaning, and non-orthodox.  I'm almost equally annoyed at the super conservative traditional blogs..  and their comboxes.  I'm not sure what it is.  Its not that they are advocating for heinous things but the legalism and nose-turning at folks is kind of a turn-off.  I don't think its helpful for the cause of evangelization - maybe these thoughts should not be blogged in a public atmosphere and should be kept in one's head.  Just sayin'.  Some of these things sound like a resounding gong.
--- 5 ---
Election Woes - I had forgotten to register to vote on time. :(  I found out about the deadline about an hour after it had passed.  My husband found my registration online in a different county - I tried to go vote early but got rejected.  Fortunately, my vote doesn't really make a difference in my state.  Not thrilled at all with the election results though.  Our country needs prayers!
--- 6 ---
Baby Clothes  x 1 year- When my baby was 2 months old, she was in the 97th% for weight.  I mean.. her cheeks hung down from her face and her thighs were double-thunder!  We were in 18 month clothes by 9 months.  Its so true what people say though - she has finally slimmed down a little to the point where I can squeeze her folds into the 12 month pajamas.  Unheard of!  Using last years winter clothes for this year!  
--- 7 ---
Lesson from the Iron Chef - I learned something from watching TV!  I think on one episode of Iron Chef America, Alton Brown was commenting on how efficient one of the chefs was at peeling ginger - with a spoon!  I tried that - its so true!

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