Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Minimal Prep and Easy Recipes: Asian Edition

If there's one thing I'm semi good at, its eating!  and finding good recipes to cook :)  This has become more difficult as the toddler has grown more restless as she develops.  The challenge is finding stuff thats easy to put together with minimal prep and stirring - Oven-baked or a braised meal.  Not into opening the slow-cooker we got for our wedding just yet.. the idea of leaving something on for 8 hours and leaving kind of freaks me out (not to mention that my neighbor's slow-cooker short-circuited while she was gone...)

A few awesome recipes that I go to when the toddler becomes extra restless;  they are all versatile.  They all go great with steamed rice.  A quick sautee of any vegetable goes well with any of these.  Running low on rice?  Then the sauce/broth can be spooned over noodles and eaten as a noodle soup!  The leftovers have even better flavor!

Tak ToriTang (Korean Spicy Chicken and Potatoes)
So versatile - you can stick even a sack of FROZEN chicken wings into the pot, use the soy sauce/sugar/water mix, add the garlic onion, stick in some cut potatoes and carrots, simmer x 45 minutes (once in a while, stir) AND YOU'RE DONE!  Waxy potatoes work best.  You can also sub daikon for the potatoes.   I usually leave out the hot sauce..  The first time I made it...
(it was still good though.. not that I could really taste it)

Chicken Adobo (Philipino - Chicken braised in soy sauce mix)
Braise some chicken in soy sauce/garlic/bay leaves/peppercorns.  Add vinegar/salt/sugar later.  The end. :)
The recipes calls for marinating - I don't even think this is necessary - I have done this with half frozen chicken legs and it still turns out fine.  This recipe is not very tart, it is very mild.

Brown the ribs.  Add everything else.  Simmer.  Interestingly this recipe calls for more sugar than other soups that I have tasted.  Better as a brothy soup for noodles rather than to be eaten on its own.

To make this easy, buy precut pork belly (Asian grocery store).  Another throw everything in the pot and simmer dish.  May not sound like a lot, but its PORK BELLY with FRIED TOFU (very hearty, very filling). In fact, I had packed my husband a lunch that was virtually vegetarian so he was expecting a super meaty meal today.. He saw this dish and exclaimed, "where's all the meat?!"  but he didn't even eat a quarter-pound of this since its so filling!

More blog posts to come.. (Fast pasta dishes,  quick oven-roasts..  )

The housework is coming..  As I am typing this, I am boiling 6 dishclothes in a pot of vinegar/water.  I have a habit of leaving the cloths in the sink and then they get all nasty and moldy.

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