Friday, October 12, 2012

Alrighty.. Clearly failing at this Martha Stewart-ness stuff.  So I'm going to participate in Conversion Diary's "7 Quick Takes Friday" to get the ball rollin!!!!!

--- 1 ---
Homeschooling?   Anyone heard of a Chinese-Catholic Homeschooler?   Will we be ostracized from all our relatives and fellow parishioners?  Everyone's heard of Tiger Mom, right? Well, most Chinese ppl I know had tiger mommies - everybody is either homeschooled after school and during the summer or sent to some kind of afterschool or summer program.  Why not just school them at home and have a whole lot of free time (haha?) to build up moral character, instruct in the faith, and dilute peer pressure craziness?  I hear my younger relatives talk about their public school experiences and they are not very reassuring...Anyone out there know of any Asian Homeschoolers?  I need back-up here when we break this decision to the grandparents..
--- 2 ---
Not sure where this blog is going - one reason why I've been procrastinating so much.  My old blog was all about my professional school and training..ethical situations, and all (it went on for 7 years!).  But now onto another chapter of life!   There's only so much I can write about housework.  Gotta find my niche.  
--- 3 ---
I gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks since quitting work!  No - thats a good thing.  My coworkers told me I looked sickly.  Thought it was breastfeeding but really it was all the stress and being overworked (and I was part-time!).  Now I can get my health back and focus on the family!
--- 4 ---
Reality Show ("Chopped") Inspired Meal Planning - one thing thats come more naturally for me in this SAHM business is the idea of meal planning.  Except I don't plan my menu then go grocery shopping.  I do it the "Chopped" way - I go get my on sale produce and good-lookin' meats (thus my "mystery basket") and then come up with something with whats in the pantry.   Its worked so far - we get a variety of foods and rotate through different produce/grains. Watching the show has really inspired me to think differently about cooking - especially that episode where they used leftover pizza and beer as ingredients to make totally new appetizer foods.

--- 5 ---
Anonymity?  Can't decide whether to stay anonymous or not.  At my old blog - I had to because of the nature of the job.  But if I talk about la familia here, it'd be better to stay anon.  I guess that relates to #2 - where I decide this blog goes! 
--- 6 ---
East meets West.. NOT!  Another blog idea I had..  I live and interact with many traditionally minded Chinese folks.  I am a quasi-crunchy person myself but in TOTALLY the opposite way.  I'm all about allopathic medicine but I do many attachment parenting things (I think I listen to the Popcaks too much - but they are AWESOME! ) - babywearing, extended nursing, making my own bebe food..  So CONSTANTLY these older relatives or peers are questioning our practices and giving me weirdo suggestions.. (weirdest one?  injecting children with poop.  NO THANK YOU - if I find out someone is actually doing that, I would probably call child protective services!)  I also totally do not believe in Chinese post-partum practices ("the month") - I actually found an article in a peer-reviewed journal about how there was no difference in chronic pain between women who adhered to the "month" and those who didn't..  However citing science doesn't matter to some.. and none of these folks have produced any articles or reading to suggest that their practices are evidence-based.
--- 7 ---
Smoke but no fire...  My husband and I kept smelling poopy diapers tonight, so we kept having to check the stinky toddler's diaper.  No poop!  Then I remembered.. I fed her cabbage!  They were so stinky, I decided to google cabbage farts and look at this gem I found :).  

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And there it is!  Blog post #2!

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