Thursday, September 20, 2012

There and Back Again...

Well the last time I was a regular blogger was back when I was training in medical school/residency.  Now I am back "training" to make my home and take care of the peeps... or as some people call themselves, "CEO of the home."

Today's project is getting rid of the paper clutter that threatens to drown us in various rooms.  Paper clutter that includes unwanted mail from.. over a decade ago?!

First things first:  PREVENTION!  I was perusing safety tips on our local government website and they had some helpful tips regarding stopping your junk mail/unsolicited calls.  Check this website out at the Federal Trade Commision.

Second, years ago I bought a filing cabinet and "FileSolutions" which is really good... but not if you're keeping all the wrong stuff.

So for my 15 minutes today while the child naps, I am reading through what exactly is important and what can be tossed.  A helpful site: Managing Household Records (

I can't vouch for any of the points I've written above, but this is the path I'm taking.  At some point I will let you all know if it works.  When the paperwork was a little less overwhelming, the filing cabinet system worked (until I got tired of sorting and the cabinet got full....)  Which is why I'm looking up what I can throw away. :)